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Our Favorite Pinecone Stories

Whether you are in need of a laugh or want to learn more, read some stories from the owner of Peggy's Pinecones. These are some of my favorite stories to tell.

Martha Stewart

My Cones Made It On the Martha Stewart TV Show™

I received a call from the staff of the renowned New York event planner, David Monn, who was interested in our beautiful and rare deodar cedar rose cones. They were needed for a wreath-making segment on the Martha Stewart TV Show. My cones were going to be used by the creative and talented, Martha Stewart. Before the show even aired, another call came and I was told, `These deodar cones are absolutely the most beautiful cones I've ever seen, but we need more!' And we need them by tomorrow!' So off to New York the cones went as I danced around with happy feet. A few weeks later, Mr. Monn used our cones to make center pieces on the "Today Show!"

Competition Quality

"I am always amazed at the way my cones are used. Carrie Di Costanzo, a botanical artist living in New Jersey, needed a couple of Jeffrey cones and a small branch to use as models for a painting she would enter in the 2012 California Conservation Conference™ art competition. We sent her order, she painted her picture, and won first place! She's now doing the same type of painting of a ponderosa and a sugar pine that were entered in the Yosemite Renaissance™ art competition. Carrie is truly an amazing and gifted artist who also makes prints and gift cards from her artwork. You can visit her beautiful website to view her work."

Carrie Di Costanzo

There's Bears In Them Thar Hills

"We were collecting sugar cones at about the 6,500-foot elevation level in the Plumas National Forest. I looked up to see a huge bear looking at me! We were 10-20 feet from each other. He was so beautiful, tan like a Siamese cat with dark brown `socks.' I just stood there in awe. After a couple of minutes of staring at each other it hit me that this animal is about five times my size! Yikes! Am I supposed to freeze or jump up and down to try to make myself look bigger? About that time he just turned and walked back into the forest. Guess he wasn't hungry or didn't see me as a threat. I called out to my cone-collecting buddy, `We're moving on! We don't need the sugars from this area!'"

Gift From the Heart

"I received an order from a college student who included a note saying she wanted a special gift for her boyfriend who loved and collected various cones. For Christmas she wanted to give him the biggest cone she could find, but she was on an extremely limited budget. I sold her the largest sugar cone I had at almost 20" long. Her order was under $10, but I was so touched by her thoughtfulness and ingenuity. It was so romantic! She called me the day after Christmas! She wanted me to know about her boyfriend's excitement and the look on his face when he saw that cone. It couldn't have been better if she'd spent a million dollars on his gift! Ah, you can't beat a gift from the heart."

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