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Ecologically Friendly

For ecologically sound reasons, we only gather naturally "spent" cones found at the base of trees. None are ever picked or knocked off the trees, which means that our supply depends on high winds that send them to the ground. Our cones are collected in the sun-streaked national forests of northern California, including Lassen, Shasta, Trinity, and Plumas National Forests. Only perfect cones are gathered and each one is cleaned to remove dirt and debris so that the cones are ready to be used when you receive them. No chemicals are used. 

Customer Satisfaction

If you aren't sure which cone you need, we can help you find the best cones for your particular project. We will even send you a sample box to help you decide what you need. Once we receive payment, your order will go out within one business day. If you aren't satisfied with your cones, we will work with you to get the right ones for your project or we will happily refund your money.

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