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Quality Pinecones

Peggy's Pinecones is the premier supplier of one of nature's most treasured gifts, pinecones from sugar pine, ponderosa pine, deodar cedar and many other trees from local forests. We take extraordinary care in providing our customers with whatever pinecone products they need, providing unsurpassed quality and superiority.

Perfect Pinecones

Deodor Cedar Rose Cone

Perfect Pinecones

Every pinecone is perfect down to the petals. The Douglas fir, lodgepole, and our most popular, the ponderosa pine, are sold in batches of 50. Extras cones are always included to make sure you receive at lease 50 perfect pinecones. 

Deodar Cedar Rose Cones and Buds

Deodar cedar rose cones and deodar cedar rose buds are sold in batches of 25. We are one of only two people in the county that carry these because they are not indigenous to the United States. They originally  came from the Himalayas. We are fortunate to have many of these trees in our area. These are truly one of the most unusual and beautiful cones on earth.

Cone Gallery

To see pictures of each cone we offer with a full description of each, please visit:

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Small retail and large wholesale orders are welcome. We use natural, recycled products in our preparation and packaging. For example, we use essential oils for our scented cones and liquid fragrance, raffia to tie bags, and shredded recycled paper and recycled boxes for shipping.

Crafts Gallery

To get ideas or see what our customers have done with our cones please visit our crafts gallery.

Crafts Gallery

Long Leaf Pine Cones

Beautiful gold or silver gilded Loneleaf Pine cones.  Meticulously cleaned & preserved for years of enjoyment.  Primed, painted & packaged; each cone is 7-9" tall; sculpted to stand on it's own! In bag for $9.99 or in box (box includes historical narrative) for $11.99 + Shipping.

To order: Contact Tommy Thomas at or call 910-431-6500. 

Silver Pinecone Gold Pinecone Boxed Pinecone